Jamelle Bouie Reviews Kellogg's The Elf on the Shelf Cereal

Cereal Eats: Elf on a Shelf Cereal, Reviewed

I ought to say from the leap that I’ve an ideological drawback with your complete concept of the “elf on the shelf.” I believe it’s unconscionable to topic kids to imaginary surveillance for the sake of altering their conduct. It’s mainly coaching them to reside in a police state. It’s unhealthy!

However the query of this overview isn’t whether or not the idea of “elf on the shelf” is unhealthy; the query of this overview is whether or not the cereal primarily based on the idea is unhealthy. And I remorse to tell you that it is horrible.

It’s worse than horrible; in reality, it’s putrid. The only largest drawback is that it’s try to mimic a baked good, so it has the cloying sweetness and pretend butter taste of each cereal that makes an attempt to do exactly that. The issue is that cloying sweetness and pretend butter taste are terrible, and I might not want them on anybody.

This isn’t the worst cereal I’ve ever eaten, but when I had to decide on between this and a bowl of coal straight from Santa’s mines, I’d select the coal.

Verdict: 1.5 spoons out of 5.

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