Jamelle Bouie Reviews General Mills' Plentifull Cereal

Cereal Eats: Plentiful Cereal, Reviewed

For as soon as, I assumed I might strive a cereal that wasn’t truly attempting to kill me.

Which is why I picked up a field of peanut butter-flavored “Plentifull” cereal, the newest product from Normal Mills. That is speculated to be a authentic breakfast cereal for adults, and the field advertises its protein and complete grain content material. I personally suppose it’s best to ignore that stuff. The “complete grain” labeling is meaningless, and there is not practically sufficient protein on this cereal to justify the caloric content material.

Having stated that, what issues for our functions is whether or not it tastes good. And, effectively, it does. Should you insist on consuming cereal for breakfast—and I’m of the agency perception that you shouldn’t—you could possibly do loads worse than Plentifull. It has nice taste and crunch, a pleasant mouthfeel, and it looks like it is fairly filling, all issues thought of. I actually should not have any complaints, and would simply advocate this to anybody out there for this type of cereal.

Verdict: 4 spoons out of 5.

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