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Star Trek Picard’s Enterprise-F: From Video games to TV

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In Star Trek On-line’s now non-canonical timeline of the twenty fifth century, the Enterprise-F is launched within the yr 2409, beneath the command of the Andorian Starfleet officer Va’Kel Shon. Shon’s former ship, the Defiant-class Belfast, was destroyed throughout a mission in opposition to rogue Jem’hadar forces transported into the close to future by Sisko and the Gamma Quadrant wormhole aliens identified in Bajoran spiritual beliefs because the Prophets during the events of the Deep Area 9 episode “Sacrifice of Angels.” One of many Enterprise-F’s first battles, in homage to that episode, noticed it and different Starfleet forces rally to re-liberate DS9 from occupation by the temporally-displaced Dominion forces.

It’s at the moment not identified if Shon may even be making the leap to Picard alongside his ship, which might make him one of many first, if not the primary, authentic Star Trek On-line characters to look in Trek TV canon.

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