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These photos of retro tech present you ways far we have come

(Pocket-lint) – There’s nothing like an advert for a spurious technological product in black and white to make you realise simply how a lot progress we have made as a tech society. Whether or not it is weird contraptions for making cellphone calls or lighting merchandise that hardly look secure, it is honest to say that we have all bought a heck of much more entry to dependable tech now.

Nonetheless, there’s a whole lot of enjoyable and curiosity to be present in surveying photos of old tech and reminding ourselves of how issues was. That is the place Concept Talk’s Instagram feed is available in – it is full of fantastic pictures from days passed by. We have combed by it to seek out some superb pictures on your searching pleasure. 

Pimp my journey

Bikes, in comparison with vehicles at the very least, have not modified almost a lot – in spite of everything, the core expertise can solely come on to date. That mentioned, it has been some time since we noticed a lighting choice for a bicycle fairly like this one, which straps a frankly astonishing variety of bulbs to your bike. If folks had been involved about being seen when it was darkish, this actually would have solved the issue. 

Operator, please

This can be a picture so farfetched as to look amusing, however this concept of how folks would possibly look if vogue modified drastically, whereas telecommunications expertise stayed bafflingly static, makes for an amusing collage of ideas. 

House commander

Equally, this is not an precise design or prototype of a spacesuit, as we would hope can be apparent, however at the same time as an exploration of what fits may in the future seem like, it is amusing how far off-base it’s. 

Communal listening

We might wish to say that straightforward headphone splitting has turn into means simpler since this picture, but it surely amusingly hasn’t actually, at the very least not in case you nonetheless need eight youngsters to take heed to the identical supply of audio. Nonetheless, no matter answer exist are most likely a rattling sight smaller, at the very least.

Spin the decks

This is perhaps probably the most ostentatious file participant we have ever seen – a set of decks embedded in what can solely be described as an enormous marble egg, it is nearly one of many ugliest bits of inside decor on file, we predict. 

Social isolation

Individuals’s imagined variations of the long run all the time make for fascinating comparisons after the actual fact, and this portray from Italy is an ideal instance. Its imaginative and prescient of remoted people zipping round in private automobiles that seal them off from the remainder of society is, on the one hand, far-fetched, but in addition bears at the very least a passing resemblance to some elements of how we dwell now. 

Inexperienced skies

Individuals additionally appreciated to think about what our cities would seem like many years into the long run, and these predictions appear, for no matter motive, to typically skew in direction of the optimistic.

Therefore you get concepts like this one, which posited that the skyscrapers taking pictures up in cities across the globe would all be topped by gardens to minimize their environmental and visible influence. Sadly, this hasn’t actually confirmed true. 

Future aesthetics

Vehicles mirror our occasions greater than we generally realise – their designs and appears are typically tied to the kind of tech that we as a society are buying and hankering for. Now surprise, then, that this Ford mannequin appears to be like so funky – it is from the 70s and we simply cannot get sufficient of that vibrant stripe. 

Neon demon

Going all the way in which again to 1930, this neon salesman’s case is a good instance of how futuristic some actual retro expertise may be – the way in which these tubes are powered is so low-fi that the majority of us would wrestle to grasp it. What’s apparent, although, is that it has a beautiful feel and look to it, certain to be a collector’s merchandise these days.  

Idea Speak

Rolling out

This would possibly simply be the good automobile of any sort that we have seen in fairly a while, however the truth that it was constructed within the Thirties makes it nearly jaw-dropping.

We are able to see the the reason why this did not unfold to turn into a standard kind of factor to personal, however that is nonetheless a crying disgrace. 

Idea SpeakThese superb pictures of retro tech will show you how far weve come image 1

Why not?

A burger-shaped cellphone would later be made iconic by the movie Juno, however why not have a conveyable video games console in the identical form?

This idea piece is hilarious to have a look at, and you do not the sense that it is two buttons and a D-pad can be a lot enjoyable to play, but it surely’s actually memorable. 

Chunky stylish

Is that this a fantastic little bit of knowingly kitsch design with enormous buttons which might be distinctive and enjoyable, or an unpleasant monstrosity with buttons that ought to by no means be replicated wherever, ever?

On the finish of the day, we would simply have to go away that to you.


Spherical televisions are a legislation unto themselves. We all know they do not make sense ergonomically or for viewing angles, but we will not assist ourselves after we say that they only look ace.

Would we watch a film on one now? In fact not. Would we’ve one as an attention-grabbing little bit of artwork? Fairly presumably. 

Nap pods

This idea for a nap pod now appears to be like mighty prescient. It may not be proper in design phrases, with the bulbous appears to be like not in vogue in any respect, however ever since Google famously added napping stations to its enormous campus in Silicon Valley, nap pods have turn into, if not in style, at the very least accepted. 

Fairly a den

This artist’s thought of what a great den would seem like, in the meantime, has us drooling in envy. When you mentally improve its pinball desk to a video games console, this actually is not that far off what folks aspire to these days, as a lot as its aesthetics are wild. Who would not desire a pool-room?!


In contrast, this easy picture of a cellphone from the 70s is a helpful reminder that precise, bodily tech from many years passed by can typically be underwhelming and even brazenly a bit ugly.

We’re not saying that floral prints and patterns are all the time grim, however we’re additionally unsure we would need this phone in our home. 


Setting aside Elon Musk’s folly in the form of the Cybertruck, we think it’s fair to say that car design has got a heck of a lot less interesting over the last few decades, as this gorgeous model demonstrates.

While it might not have been a bestseller, we can’t see such a radical design getting made now. 

Gaming rig

Fast-forwarding rapidly into this century, we love this image, because of how well we know that it was, in its day, the height of sophistication. This is someone’s amazing rig to play flight simulators on, even if a modern PC gamer would snort at the idea. Compare those chunky monitors to modern ultra-wide options and you’ll see the definition of progress. 

Clash of cultures

We like this image for how dated different elements of it are – in particular, the contrast between the futuristic TV set (for the time) and the dolls sat on the shelves to its right – showcasing how quickly tech marched on in the 20th Century.

Food magic

The cover of this book is a great reminder of how microwaves changed the game when they first became widely available and affordable – speeding up some types of food preparation to the point where young people might genuinely need reminders that the technology isn’t just magic. 

Concept TalkThese superb pictures of retro tech will show you how far weve come image 1

Interesting marketing

The audio mixer itself might be front and centre, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking that we can’t see any modern companies marketing their product with an image of someone enjoying a joint in the background – maybe that’s just us!

Concept TalkThese superb pictures of retro tech will show you how far weve come image 1

Loud enough?

This photo from the Mitsubishi archive is a fun look at how big a speaker can get if you’re pushing the boundaries of the sensible – we’re not sure what it would sound like turned on, but we can imagine the pain of any sort of interference feeding into it. 

Concept TalkThese superb pictures of retro tech will show you how far weve come image 1


What better way to market your hi-fi like Philips has done here, with a ruddy great lightning bolt. Marketing copy? No thanks – just give us a stormy sky and huge pink glints on the speakers to show that this thing is built for rock and roll. 

A computer mouse with a difference

 Modern gaming mice are all about being light-weight and tremendous quick. However traditionally manufacturers had been taking a look at methods of creating mice extra virtually helpful. Like this one with a calculator constructed into it.

Why you would not simply use the calculator app in your PC is past us. 


That is an intriguing idea of a automotive from the Seventies that’s half boat, half automotive. Or as you may see from the idea imagery a ship that may come out of its shell inside the automotive to motor across the waters.

Overt the highest sun shades

Here is an attention-grabbing design for Oakley sun shades. So-called “Over the Prime” sun shades which might be ergonomic and helpful for conditions like competing within the Summer season Olympics. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Modifying by Adrian Willings.

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