Zuckerberg reveals new games for Oculus - Video

Speaker 1: This can be a title from the warp frog staff. That is the staff that set the usual for VR fight physics. When it launched on rift in 2019, that is proper blade. And soory nomad the constructed for VR medieval fantasy sandbox that pairs magic with Maily is launching on quest later this 12 months [00:00:30] For extra gaming updates, look out for the 20, 22 Oculus gaming showcase. It is gonna be loaded with information. You will not wanna miss, however [00:01:00] mark, I imagine some information for us as properly.

Speaker 2: Yeah. You recognize, I’ve to say, uh, it is actually spectacular to see this lineup come collectively over the previous few years, however there’s one venture that I am actually wanting ahead to.

Speaker 1: Yeah, this is among the all time greats and we have been working for years to convey it to quest.

Speaker 2: I am excited to announce that the rockstar video games basic grand theft auto and Andreas is in growth for quest two. This new model of what I believe is among the biggest video games ever made will provide gamers an [00:01:30] totally new method to expertise this iconic open world in digital actuality. That is

Speaker 1: It. Mark. I am shifting to the metaverse.

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