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A 48,500-year-old virus has been revived from Siberian permafrost

Seven viruses from the Siberian permafrost have been revived and replicated themselves within the lab – together with the oldest ever revived to date


23 November 2022

As permafrost thaws, it should launch carbon and probably additionally long-dormant historical viruses

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Charles Miller

Seven varieties of viruses which have lain frozen within the Siberian permafrost for hundreds of years have been revived. The youngest of those viruses have been frozen for 27,000 years, whereas the oldest was on ice for 48,500 years outdated – making it essentially the most historical virus resuscitated to date.

“48,500 years is a world document,” says Jean-Michel Claverie at Aix-Marseille College in France, who did the work along with his colleagues. His staff has previously revived two …

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